Episode 29 – Jacob Plasker DC

Jacob Plasker is a functional neurologist operating out of Bend, Oregon (that’s smack dab in the center). As an infant, he rolled off the edge of bed, landing on his head, and leaving him temporarily paralyzed. After adjustments from his father, the majority of his motor ability returned. To this day, Jacob has hemiparesis (partial […]

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Episode 28 – Luke Nosack

I have known Luke for a few months now from support groups, on the max, and walking from the max to and from support groups. From these experiences, I can tell you that he is one of the most honest people I know, which is hard to find these days. He is from Forest Grove, […]

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Episode 27 – Rick Pape

Rick Pape is a central Oregonian near the town of Redmond. One day while working outside on his deck, he spontaneously blacked out. After blacking out he fell against the deck railing which gave out. As he fell his body flipped putting him on his head. Like most of us, his recovery was not smooth […]

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Random Encouraging Thoughts

  As human beings, I believe we are extremely lucky. I often think about what life would be like as a bear, a mosquito, a hookworm, or any other creature on this earth. I used think of these animals as being free. They don’t need to start a 401K, they don’t need to impress their […]

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Episode 26 – Cory Janssen

Cory is the man. He is very much laid back like myself, which always makes me feel extra relaxed when recording. His TBI is unique in that he did not hit his head. You may say, “Michael, how can this be? A traumatic brain injury implies trauma, I thought that means some sort of impact.” […]

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Fun Fact of Ketogenic Diet No. 3

  I know these science posts are the most read nor the most engaging, so I will keep this one short and sweet. Excuse the run-ons. Enter NLRP3 inflammasome…. What is this inflammasome? Well, to be concise, it is a receptor like structure on the outside of some of your cells that recognize pathogen associated […]

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Episode 25 – Nicki Sinner

Nicki Sinner is a real charmer. She is witty, spirited, and mostly importantly speaks her mind. During her senior year of high school she was involved in a car accident in St. Helens, OR. Her accident occurred during a wet, rainy afternoon when she was headed to have dinner at her boyfriend’s house. Like I […]

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7 day water fast

Why I fast? And by fasting I mean I only drink water with Himalayan salt and drink 1 cup of green tea per day for 7 days. Actually, I can only stomach tea for the first 3 days, after that caffeine makes me puke.   Psychologically– It sucks, but most things that suck do indeed […]

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Heaven or Hell

How do I find heaven in the middle of hell? This is a question older than time. Every morning people greet a new day with endless potential. In one day, people could start a new diet, fast, die, make a baby, take a life, go shopping, go camping, take a walk, or even fly to […]

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