Episode 55 – David Kracke JD Part 2

Mr. Kracke is a one of a kind human being. He has so many hobbies, projects, and accomplishments that I find it difficult to know where to begin and when to end. This said, I will mention a few pertinent aspects of his life. He is a Portland based lawyer who currently works for the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) as the Brain Injury Advocate coordinator after working as a personal Injury defense lawyer for brain injury survivors for nearly two decades. He was one of the few individuals who constructed the nation’s first return to play laws (i.e. Max’s Law and Jenna’s Law). He is passionate about his life, and has both a load of wisdom and knowledge, some of which is passed along in this conversation. If you are confused while listening to this, you should probably check out Part 1! Enjoy!