To you or for you

So a lot of my closest friends (all two of them) and the people I look up most never get sad.  In fact, sometimes I find it to be disingenuous. For example, they get fired from their job, or go through a rough break-up, and within a day or two they are seemingly back to normal. Now, after talking to many of them, they are not calm on the inside even though they may put on a calm front. But still, I would think of how lame it was that they didn’t show any emotion.

Over time, enough crappy situations have come up in my life that I realize that they were acting very bravely. I finally saw this after attending a support group meeting and listening to several people complain about their situation for nearly the entire group. Not only did this leave the rest of the group despondent and dejected, but it also impeded any opportunity they might have for improvement themselves.

People that I respect are people who see bad situations as happening for them. All the rejection, pain, and negativity in life is an opportunity to overcome said maladies, and improve as a person. They do not take a passive role, seeing themselves as victims. They simply get up, brush off the dirt and move forward into the darkness with a glimmer in their eyes. So if you’re going through a tough time, whether related to TBI or not, I encourage you to flip everything negative into a positive. In nearly every situation, there is something to be learned. So go out today, and practice resilience, practice confidence, and most importantly, give yourself more credit.