Episode 20- Joan and John Miller

Joan and John are a delight. Witty, rambunctious, and sincere are just a few adjectives I could use to describe them. Nearly 20 years ago, they were hit by a drunk driver in Utah while on a business trip. Her recovery, like most, was not without its roadblocks and breakthroughs. Sometimes she needed the help […]

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Episode 19- Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson is a brain injury survivor who was involved in a plane accident in her high school years. She experienced retrograde amnesia after the accident occurred. Her story is incredible so I won’t say anything more, besides what she has accomplished since. Kate ended up finishing high school, graduating college with a degree in […]

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Episode 18- Cheryl Green

Cheryl Green, where do I begin…Cheryl is a fellow Portlandianite who has suffered many brain injuries over her journey through life. If you were the manager at a…I don’t know, a UPS store, and she was…I don’t know…passionate about delivering boxes, she might bring in a resume that says she has a Masters of both […]

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Episode 17- Dr. Johnny Delashaw

Dr. Johnny Delashaw is a neurosurgeon from up here in the Great Northwest. He was born in a small town in the southwest corner of the state of Washington, then began his journey all around the country, from California to Virginia to Florida, in order to pursue his passion of becoming a neurosurgeon. He has […]

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Episode 16- Matthew Gosney (PG)

Matthew Gosney is a former Navy Seal who was involved in (among other things) an explosion that shattered his jaw (also among other things) requiring that a surgeon put 6 titanium bolts into said jaw. Needless to say, this explosion resulted in a traumatic brain injury for Matthew. Upon returning to college after his deployment […]

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Episode 15 – Andrew Marr (PG-13)

Andrew Marr is a retired Special Forces Green Beret, who retired after just under 10 years of service. Throughout these years, Andrew served as an explosives engineer. Needless to say he was exposed to intense explosions on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Andrew began experiencing concussion symptoms once he returned from combat. Thus, the onset of […]

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Make someone else’s day make your day by making their day better than your day initially was

I am in traffic, my patient is in the back, quiet, possibly hungry, possibly incontinent, but sick of car rides. I round the corner down the hill from the hospital and am greeted by a coagulation of vehicles parked on the road. Briefly I think construction, next I think accident, then I look at the […]

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Episode 14 – Colin Hoffman

Colin is a homie that I met via the Brain Injury Support Group at Oregon State. He is an LA native who is currently studying business and agriculture at OSU during the school year. In the winter of his senior year of high school he crashed while snowboarding in Tahoe, breaking his collar bone and […]

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Episode 13- Dr. Ty Duffield PhD

Dr. Duffield is a Neuropsychology Fellow on the Sports Medicine Team at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR. Unlike the usual storytelling with a few tips and words of wisdom, this episode consists of the practical wisdom from Dr. Duffield’s’ years of schooling and clinical experience. We discuss his view on what a […]

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