Episode 9 – Brittney Main

Brittney Main is incredible. She is currently a junior at Oregon State University studying Mathematics and Education. No that is not a typo. She is majoring in both.  Awe-inspiring, I know.  She wants to use this to teach high school math! Also, not a typo. She is certainly a special person.

Towards the end of high school, Brittney was in a car accident in which she fell asleep at the wheel, crashing her car.  Luckily, she was the only passenger.  She was injured so badly that she was immediately life-flighted to Portland, OR for treatment.  In this episode we discuss her long road to recovery, and the weapons she used to combat all of the obstacles being thrown at her post-accident.  I loved recording this one, and I know you will enjoy listening to it!

Her story starts at 8:12