Episode 13- Dr. Ty Duffield PhD

Dr. Duffield is a Neuropsychology Fellow on the Sports Medicine Team at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR. Unlike the usual storytelling with a few tips and words of wisdom, this episode consists of the practical wisdom from Dr. Duffield’s’ years of schooling and clinical experience. We discuss his view on what a […]

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Episode 12 – Matt Rockhold

Matt is a beast of another kind.  This guy has had 10 concussions. 10!! That is not a typo. I think it goes without saying, but he has acquired an absurd amount of resilience and wherewithal from these experiences.  We all know how impactful a single concussion can be, but 10 is a whole other […]

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Episode 10 – Todd Jarvis

Todd Jarvis is an associate professor at both Oregon State University and the University of Oregon. He is also the Director of the Institute for Water and Watersheds. In January of 1978, at the age of 19, he fell from multiple levels to the ground while helping a friend build a house (yes, very manly). […]

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Episode 9 – Brittney Main

Brittney Main is incredible. She is currently a junior at Oregon State University studying Mathematics and Education. No that is not a typo. She is majoring in both.  Awe-inspiring, I know.  She wants to use this to teach high school math! Also, not a typo. She is certainly a special person. Towards the end of […]

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Episode 8 – Noah Kochevar

Many people don’t know this, but Noah Kochevar once crossed the entire continental United States on a wild bull, look it up. But really, Noah is one of the most soulful people I know. He tends to come off as highly logical, but as I got to know him, I realized how much he values […]

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Episode 5 – Leia Tyrell

Leia is a cycler extraordinaire! She currently is coaching cycling and working in a cycling shop in Corvallis, OR. She has competed nationally and in Division I Collegiate Cycling placing as high as 3rd in the country in her best events. In April 2011, Leia was in a cycling accident during race, resulting in a […]

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Episode 3 – Carolyn Gombert

Carolyn hails from the cold yet beautiful land of Buffalo, NY. She studied creative writing in her undergrad and spent several years teaching creative writing to elementary school students in the Buffalo area. She now has taken on a new challenge of studying Hydrology as a graduate student at Oregon State University. Only one trimester […]

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