Episode 27 – Cory Janssen

Cory is the man. He is very much laid back like myself, which always makes me feel extra relaxed when recording. His TBI is unique in that he did not hit his head. You may say, “Michael, how can this be? A traumatic brain injury implies trauma, I thought that means some sort of impact.” […]

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Episode 26 – Nicki Sinner

Nicki Sinner is a real charmer. She is witty, spirited, and mostly importantly speaks her mind. During her senior year of high school she was involved in a car accident in St. Helens, OR. Her accident occurred during a wet, rainy afternoon when she was headed to have dinner at her boyfriend’s house. Like I […]

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Episode 25 – Carolyn Fonyo

Carolyn is someone who makes me feel like an underachiever. I personally do not know a person will more accomplishments and diplomas. She has a B.S. in environmental engineering, a Masters in Economics, an MBA, and a PhD in environmental engineering. On top of all this, Carolyn is a licensed massage therapist and treats clients […]

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Episode 23 – Pat Murray

If you have a brain injury and you live in the Portland Metro Area (Oregon and Maine), you need to meet Pat Murray. She has been in the game since ’01 when she received her first TBI. Like many of us, the most banal of circumstances led to a fall that changed her life forever. […]

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Episode 22 – Cavin Balaster

Episode 22 – Cavin Balaster Cavin is the man. And I mean that in the legit way not the School of Rock way. In 2011, he fell from 20 feet from a rooftop water tower, immediately losing consciousness, and suffering a diffuse axonal injury. Initially he was in pretty bad shape, without the ability to […]

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Episode 21 – Brandon Scarth

Brandon was involved in a car accident on the evening of July 3rd, 2007, in which he, and two other passengers were hit from behind from another driver. Upon examination at OHSU, he was given a less than 5% chance of surviving through the night. Of course, Brandon is a warrior. He did not die. […]

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Episode 20- Joan and John Miller

Joan and John are a delight. Witty, rambunctious, and sincere are just a few adjectives I could use to describe them. Nearly 20 years ago, they were hit by a drunk driver in Utah while on a business trip. Her recovery, like most, was not without its roadblocks and breakthroughs. Sometimes she needed the help […]

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Episode 19- Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson is a brain injury survivor who was involved in a plane accident in her high school years. She experienced retrograde amnesia after the accident occurred. Her story is incredible so I won’t say anything more, besides what she has accomplished since. Kate ended up finishing high school, graduating college with a degree in […]

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Episode 18- Cheryl Green

Cheryl Green, where do I begin…Cheryl is a fellow Portlandianite who has suffered many brain injuries over her journey through life. If you were the manager at a…I don’t know, a UPS store, and she was…I don’t know…passionate about delivering boxes, she might bring in a resume that says she has a Masters of both […]

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