Fact: seven years ago, I was Michael Jensen.

Other fact: seven years ago, I had a entirely different collection of cells in my body.

If I am a collection of cells, then I should probably change my name every 7 years or so, or at least renew my license. If I am not a collection of cells, then why does their state (damaged, rejuvenated, anemic) dictate how my life is going? Is one of these outlooks true and the other false? Maybe they’re both true. But still, is one truer than the other?

The other day I heard a podcast in which a dude mentioned to a bro that we are not static entities. We are constantly changing. So am I Michael Jensen or Michael Jensening? What if I eat a bunch of Spanish corn in the future, and most of the carbon in my body in Spanish. So maybe I should be Migueling. Not sure. All I know is that I am constantly changing, sometimes these are quick changes in temperament based on my physical state, and sometimes it is something life-changing and my entire perspective of life shifts. But certainly, regardless of my external environment, my milieu will change me over time. Slowly but surely.

So as I have been trying to write down my why, I have attempted to a dynamic, process oriented purpose. The challenge to this is that “become a better person” or “become one with my parents’ dog” is hard to measure. So as you all craft your why’s (or refine them), aim for a why that is in line with our biological and spiritual nature. If I’m changing, shouldn’t my purpose be amenable to change as well. Of course, I don’t know exactly what this all means. But that’s why I write these things down.

Enjoy your next glass of water!

WOD: milieu