Episode 40 – Dr Aaron DeShaw Esq PC

Dr Deshaw has lived an incredible life. His career in chiropractic medicine began in the nineties. After seven years of practice, he realized how insurance laws constrained some of his abilities to practice medicine, and he decided to become a lawyer. So he quit his practice to attend law school, right? No! While operating as one of six total chiropractors in Ireland, he also attended Pepperdine Law School in London. Needless to say he has led an incredibly fast, rich life. Because of his exposure to brain injury in his chiropractic medicine, he decided to center his law practice around helping people with traumatic brain injury. In most of his cases he helps clients confront big insurance and get the money they need for recovery. In addition to practicing law in the TBI world, he also founded Trial Guides LLC. Trial Guides is a legal publishing company that connects the world of traumatic brain injury and law by teaching physicians about pertinent insurance laws and lawyers about traumatic brain injury. Dr Deshaw is certainly one of the most interesting people I have talked to on this podcast. Enjoy.