Episode 30 – Clayton Rees and Jeri Cohen

This is an action packed episode since we recorded outside near the Portland Airport. This means I had to do a bit more editing than normal, but we made it through it unscathed. Clayton lives about 50 miles south of Tillamook a small costal town here in Oregon. He has suffered several brain injuries over the years with the most severe and recent one being a car accident in which his vehicle was crushed by some timber that came untied from a nearby logging truck. His story is incredible.

Jeri is a retired lawyer who is from Creswell, OR, just outside of Eugene. Several years ago she was involved in a serious car accident not as the driver but as the passenger. She discusses accepting her accident, and the subsequent changes in her life and legal practice. Both of these individuals are full of wisdom and I hope you gain a lot as much from this conversation as I did.

Their stories start at 8:20