Episode 26 – Cory Janssen

Cory is the man. He is very much laid back like myself, which always makes me feel extra relaxed when recording. His TBI is unique in that he did not hit his head. You may say, “Michael, how can this be? A traumatic brain injury implies trauma, I thought that means some sort of impact.” Funny you ask, because I just got done looking this up. Trauma simply implies a sudden onset of a physical injury. This being said, Cory had a physical injury indeed. While riding a tractor at work it turned over on him and crushed his torso, cutting off blood flow to his brain. This is called an anoxic brain injury. Nowadays, he lives in Portland, where he fills his days with many interesting hobbies, including coaching basketball at PSU on the weekends. I dug talking to him, and I hope you enjoy listening in!

His story basically starts right away so get after it!