Episode 16 – Matthew Gosney (PG)

Matthew Gosney is a former Navy Seal who was involved in (among other things) an explosion that shattered his jaw (also among other things) requiring that a surgeon put 6 titanium bolts into said jaw. Needless to say, this explosion resulted in a traumatic brain injury for Matthew. Upon returning to college after his deployment to study Mathematics and Physics (he later received an M.S. in Mathematics) he realized things weren’t as sharp upstairs as they once were. Eventually symptoms began to come to light and Matthew began a long search for a fix. Luckily, he eventually came across Dr. Mark Gordon, an endocrinologists who treats TBI’s with neurosteroids (hormones). The treatment was a game changer and brought Matthews brain back to life. He is now pursuing his dream of writing in Los Angeles. Here is his story, tips, and wisdom. Enjoy!

His story begins 5:48.