Episode 15 – Andrew Marr (PG-13)

Andrew Marr is a retired Special Forces Green Beret, who retired after just under 10 years of service. Throughout these years, Andrew served as an explosives engineer. Needless to say he was exposed to intense explosions on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Andrew began experiencing concussion symptoms once he returned from combat. Thus, the onset of symptoms was not easily associated with his time in combat. Fortunately, Andrew was introduced to Dr. Mark Gordon who treats TBI’s with neurosteroids (hormones). After treatment from Dr. Gordon, Andrew quickly returned to his old self.

In an effort to provide the same relief he received from Dr. Gordon to others, Andrew started the Warriors Angel Foundation with his brother Adam. WAF now provides free treatment to people suffering from TBI symptoms and does so independent of their geographical location. Awesome stuff. He also wrote a book with his brother called Tales From the Blast Factory: A Brain Injured Special Forces Operator Back From the brink. I am currently reading this myself.

Check out his foundation at http://waftbi.org.

Listen and enjoy!