Episode 6 – Dasi Klappholz – Compton (Explicit)

Meet Dasi! She is quite honestly one of the toughest girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sure, surviving a brain injury is a challenge in and of itself, requiring quite a bit of resilience and fortitude, but Dasi grew up playing contact ice hockey. Like most people not from North Dakota, I respect ice hockey, but have no desire to get smashed into solid ice by another human. Of course, not to be outdone (by herself), once in college, Dasi decided to take up rugby. It wasn’t until the March 2015 during her sophomore year that she began to experience proprioceptive issues, nocturnal panic attacks, and major eye issues. Unlike other guests, Dasi cannot point to a single event that spurred on her symptoms, making her fight even more challenging. She often wasn’t sure if her doctors, friends, and family even believe something was wrong with her. She even received discrimination because of her “excuses.”

Her story starts at 10:07

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